About the Show

As usual, things have gone horribly wrong.

Josh and Johnny aren't the brightest pair, but they make up for their dim-wittedness with determination and innocence. Their methods may be lacking, but their hearts are in the right place.


Heading into Season 2, their quest for jobs leads to an unexpected fortune in Russia — putting them on the radar of the Russian mob.


Getting their hands on the money proves problematic, and their series of unfortunate shenanigans results in massive international turmoil.

Unemployed, The Web Series, stars/features:

Josh Munds, Johnny Walker, Robby Robertson, Zachary Bührer, Bobby Kees, Calvin Hamilton, Jaya McSharma, Jacob McSharma, Finch Nissen, Danny Zanelotti, Eric Gibson, Melissa Munds, Mikayla Hodge, David Allen Keuker, Nico Lewis, Jay Whatley, Mystery Couple. And Season 1 includes Dwight Shields, Christian Stamps, Trey Carter, Alisha Munds and Dad. 

Filmed at Millennium Studios in Shreveport, LA